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The history of the Shahid Labbafinejad ophthalmology department

In the name of Allah the beneficent the merciful

Shahid Labbafinejad medical center is one of the most successful institutions which commenced working after the the Islamic revolution. The Labbafinejad Ophthalmology Department(LOD) simultaneusly inaugurated at the same time in the year 1981 by transferring some ophthalmology equipements from Shohada Tajrish hospital. With the entrance of Dr Seyyed Hamid Sajjadi a mega change took place in the field of ophthalmology. His enthusiasm to work, knowledge of the subject and accumulation of the very best instruments brought about such a metamorphosis that no more eye patients were dispatched outside the country for eye surgery. For the very first time fellowship training in cornea and retina field was introduced to young Iranian ophthalmologist. Young enthusiastic hard working postgraduated colleagues like Dr Javadi and Dr Ahmadieh soon joined him. In the field of treatment, education & research hard work soon became the talk and appreciation of the needy ophthalmic patients everywhere. Later those who qualified were soon positioned in different institutions as educators to train the rest and this trend picked up such momentum that to date these postgraduates from LOD are looked up with envy...

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